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Mr. Maria

Mr. Maria Miffy First Light

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Product Description

Miffy First Light, tablelamp, LED with dimmer, USB cable, rechargeable

LED Base: 2700K, max. 100Lm
Two button solution on bottom:
• One but ton for on/off
• Second but ton cycling through 6 brightness
settings from low to bright
• Light source will not turn on/work when
USB-C cable is connected with an adapter.
Thus charging.

With USB-C cable (included)
Light Indicator on the back next to USB-port;
red blinking = charging
green = fully charged

Only use a certified DC5V max. 2A USB
charger that‘s especially designed for use
with lithium-ion batteries.

To create with love for a loving home, designs that celebrate innocence’
Where there is light there are shadows, but there’s no need to fear. The elusive Mr Maria will always be there, keeping a watchful eye on his family shining bright.
We tip our hat to those who dare to jump into our adventure and to live in a world of fantasy and joy. Mr Maria welcomes anyone with the power of imagination, young and old, because only together the most beautiful tales can be told. Remember: the limits of your imagination are the limits of the adventures you will enjoy.
Follow the light of our iconic designs and they will guide you along the simple lines of their creation. Add your own colours and positive vibes and bring the modern shapes to life. In doing so, do keep in mind that Mr Maria is based on the virtue of innocence; a pure quality we handle with a wink but is to be guarded and kept safe.
Welcome our characters into your home to become family, their timeless peaceful presence will keep you company for many years to come. And if you dare, embrace a little mischief in order to see: the world of Mr Maria in all its glory.

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